The Red Carpet of People's Choice Award dazzled with all the movie, music and TV artists putting on their fashionable foot forward for the evening. 

Standing tall among the Hollywood artists was Priyanka Chopra in a peach outfit. She looked rather simple compared to the glamazon's gracing the red carpet.

Source: b'Priyanka Chopra/Image Source: AFP'

Word 'Stunning' is an understatement for this beauty in black!

Source: b'Jennifer Lopez/Image Source: AFP'

Sarah Jessica Parker goes the 'metallic' way.

Source: b'Jessica Parker/Image Source: AFP'

Orange is the new black.

Source: b'Ruby Rose/Image Source: AFP'

Diggin' gold the right way.

Source: b'Victoria Justice/Image Source: AFP'

White and gold and lots of Sofia sass on display.

Source: b'Sofia Vergara/Image Source: AFP'

Simple yet classy.

Source: b'Portia Rossi(L) & Ellen DeGeneres(R)/Image Source: AFP'

For the 'sheer' love of fashion.

Source: b'Mayim Bialik (L)& Melissa\xc2\xa0Rauch (R)/Image Source: AFP'