As per a Hindustan Times report, several pensioners in the Punjab city of Jalandhar are not very happy. And it's because they've been paid part of their pension in two-rupee coins.

All the pensioners received Rs 10,000 each. But while they got Rs 9000 in notes, the remaining Rs 1000 was in coins. This took place in several banks, the report says.

An enraged pensioner told HT that even children don't accept a Rs-2 coin these days. Some bank officials said it happened due to technical error while other say they were short of cash.

Things were just a trifle better in Kolkata. Chittaranjan Das, 83, told The Times of India that out of Rs 10,000, he got a Rs 2000 note and the remaining Rs 8000 in the form of a bag full of Rs 10 coins and Rs 20 notes. 

The obviously furious pensioners slammed the government for the "ill-treatment", complaining about how they were forced to carry the weighty pensions home. 

It's a bit like this clip from cult classic Andaz Apna Apna (watch from 00:40 minutes)