Any relationship is a two-way process, even the one you have with yourself. There's no highway when it comes to the matters of the heart. And come on, let's face it - knowing everything will not put you at rest. If anything, it might just annoy you and create even more trouble than there was before. In a word where we are slowly, very slowly accepting that perfect is a myth, we also need to come to terms with the fact that it holds true even for a relationship.

1. Telling white lies once in a while

As the saying goes, let the sleeping dogs lie. Telling your significant other that their haircut is just fine, and that the cardigan looks great on them won't harm the relationship in any way. 

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2. Not telling your partner literally everything

You are not entitled to. But if you still feel guilty, here's the deal. You two are different individuals, with different lives. If you're uncomfortable sharing things of your past, or something troubling you now, relax. The skies won't fall.

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3. Finding other people attractive

This constitutes, "Hey you look nice!" and the likes to someone else other than you. Understand that both of you meet people from all walks of life everyday. Don't get into an emotional war when you think a person is attractive. Humans are tuned to appreciate beauty. Do only that, and move on.

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4. Being insecure or jealous sometimes

We have all felt it. So, if under influence you go ahead and snoop around (read, sneekily check cell phone) it's okay. We are all scared of losing the people we love.

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5. Birth control shortcomings

Nobody wants to be there. But yeah, it happens and it's something that both of you have to get through together. It's human to err, and in this context, it's divine to get through it together.

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6. Putting yourself first

In the end of it all, you are all you have. So if at some point you had to think of yourself before you thought of them, it's fine. We all have to be selfish once in a while.

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7. Giving your family a little more time than your partner, sometimes

You probably are all your parents ever lived for, as could be the case for your significant other. So it's fine if your parents hold a little more priority.

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8. Putting your career first

If you have to move to a different place for your job, if you have to stay at work a lot longer than with your partner, if you think that all that invested time can help you grow, please stop being guilty. The future you build will be with them in the picture, so do what you have to do to make the both of you happy - but try making it up to them as well. There's no highway here.

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9. Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries

Love does not come with a pact of sharp memory. Which means it's possible either of you might forget a birthday here or an anniversary there, but that's not something worth haggling about. Worse things might come your way, save all that pent up aggression for that.

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10. Not being the person your partner thinks you are

You really cannot be beating yourself over this, because you cannot. That, and there is no point staying if you're constantly being pulled down for what they want you to be.

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11. Not wanting to hang out with your partner all the time

You really need to stop thinking that love means spending every waking moment together. Please go and hang out with your friends a while. It will harm nobody.

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12. Not calling every day

No relationship should be a compulsion. Wanting your lone time once in a while, and therefore shutting yourself out is acceptable. You are your own person, and wanting time with yourself is just fine.

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13. Choosing sleep over talking

You might have just gotten back after a long day, there's a possibility that you might not have the energy to talk, maybe you just don't want to. The human body has a limit and that's nothing to be guilty about. 

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14. Being possessive once in a while

This happens. You might just become a suffocating person who does not let their significant other out of their sight. It's okay, we all go through it. Let it pass. And leave it at once in a while.

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It's so tough to find love, why waste it away by sweating the small stuff, right?