We, humans, are a funny lot. We always seem to have a problem with authority. When someone tells us to do something, we go right ahead and do the exact opposite. Why? Just like that, that's why. But then again, that's not so funny, is it? The thing about us is that we're not even consistent when it comes to shunning authority. Which means there are times when someone tells us to do something and we end up taking things way too literally. Here are 25 such funny instances where people took orders way too literally:

The most obedient student in school.

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He really "named" them.

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I wish there really was a backspace button for this one.

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Bad doge.

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This made me laugh.

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Free hugs!

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For the eyes only!

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The obedient student grew up to become an obedient man.

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Eat my money.

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As simple as simple gets...

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Arguably, this is the best explanation!


This way, it won't fall out too.

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Climbing skill: Expert level

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Someone really did change the game!

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When we fall, we all fall.

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How's t-hat?

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People can't even get one simple instruction.

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The twins actually fell.

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Internet win for the day!

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Potty training gone all wrong...

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Something tells me she's still drinking...

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Like a boss!

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Where dudes chill

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Exactly what the doctor ordered!

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You just had one job, baker.

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