If you thought that houses with penis paintings on their walls in Bhutan were strange, you should hear about Japan's Jison-In Temple dedicated to worshiping breasts. 

With breasts of different sizes hanging from the walls, the entire temple complex is inundated with boobs made from fabric and other stuff.  

The tradition of worshiping breasts finds its traces in history when a doctor from the nearby city of Wakayama came here to pray for a patient who was struggling with breast cancer. The doctor also gave a female breast symbol as an offering, and ever since, the place gained popularity as a site to pray for women's health issues.

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As reported by CNN, Annan, the head of Jison-In said, "The breasts represent birth, so people use them to pray for safe pregnancies, protection from cancer and even a healthy breast milk supply."

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The temple is dedicated to Chichigamisama, the goddess of breasts, who is believed to bless women with safe child birth and copious lactation. Women also visit this temple seeking blessings to cure breast cancer.  

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Statues of bare-breasted women and breast-shaped fountains lactating water is also a sight to behold!

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Not just this, women also frequent this temple praying for fuller breasts and pink nipples. The decorative boobs which adorn the interiors of this temple are called Ema, and it is here that devotees write their prayers. Oh, and by the way, you can order them online!

Source: edition.cnn.com

You have to give it to the Japanese for embracing female sexuality openly!