We've all gotten super excited when someone close to us announces pregnancy. The expecting mother is taken care of with extra efforts and everyone waits to welcome the tiny little bundle of joy into life. But rarely do we see people celebrating the pregnancy of their pets. So, when one woman shot pictures of her loving pooch's moments of pregnancy, we couldn't help but share them with you.  

Shreya Shetty is a photographer based in Mumbai. When her gorgeous fawn Labrador got pregnant, she decided to capture her journey with beautiful photographs of each stage of pregnancy, till she delivered 6 adorable puppies. 

Here are pictures of Iris, and her journey to motherhood, that will definitely give you warm fuzzies. 

*All corresponding text belongs to Shreya Shetty. 

That's Iris, two days before she delivered.

All of that slow walking and jumping around would get her tired real soon. This would be the time for us to sit around and watch the tiny bobble heads jump around in her womb. 

The day the water broke.

She was surrounded by people who love her and would take care of her and she loved that. As soon as her pains started, we sat by close as she would walk two steps, lean on us, take comfort in our voices and positivity and push.

Here is Iris, trying. Not giving up.

She would get really tired, lose her balance a little. Her eyes would go from half shut to all the way closed.

Auro and Bruno, born just a few minutes apart.

The babies were already fighting it out to be the first to drink the milk. And the second image is when Iris felt the delivery pains, yet again.

And then came along Cierra.

Then came along Daniel.

Soon followed Edgar and Fiona.

Puppy Face smooshed in Food. First time ever!

By this time, the pups had pointy baby teeth and sharp fingernails, that would hurt Iris so she would occasionally walk around and they'd follow.

Our handsome boy #1, Auro

Our handsome boy #2, Bruno.

Our Lil Princess #1, Cierra.

Our handsome boy #3, Daniel.

Our handsome boy #4, Edgar.

Our Lil Princess #2, Fiona.

All you need is LOVE. And Puppies.

So much adorbs!

You can check out more of Shreya Shetty's photography on her Facebook page here.