Getting a window seat in any kind of a vehicle is a big win. You don't have to spend your time in a long journey talking to people. You can just look out the window and watch the world moving by, and the sights outside are often pretty awesome. The experience gets even better if you are thousands of feet in the air. There's nothing as good as bird's eye view of the beautiful planet we live on. 

Here are some photos that people took when they were lucky enough to get a window seat. With beautifully lit-up cities below and amazing views of the sky, and the clouds nearby, these cities would make you want to get on a plane right away. 

Have a look:

1. This is Montreal, Canda lit up and hidden by the clouds.

Source: Flickr/Caribb

2. The moon in the distance looks beautiful.

Source: Flickr/wtlphotos

3. The Swiss Alps look surreal from high above.

Source: Flickr/Panoramas

4. This is the city of Mumbai, with a dense layer of clouds above it.

Source: Flickr/bettadesign

5. Foothills of mountains near Lima, Peru.

Source: Flickr/Julia

6. Somewhere over the mid-western USA.

Source: Flickr/finnadet

7. Great views when flying over the North-East USA.

Source: DeviantArt/muffinmonster

8. The Chooz nuclear power plant in France and the Meuse river making a loop around it make an amazing view.

Source: Doublechooz

9. A view of Hokkaido island in Japan.

Source: DeviantArt

10. Just above Boston.

Source: DeviantArt/chaziburn

11. Sun setting among the clouds over Singapore. 

Source: FreddieBryant

12. A view of San Francisco. Don't miss the Golden Gate Bridge at the right. 

Source: Flickr/arcortvriend

13. A meteor crater in Winslow, Arizona.

Source: Flickr/rogerfreedman

14. This aerial view of New Zealand can't be described in words. 

Source: Flickr/jonsullivan

15. Here is the beautiful Selangor river in Malaysia. 

Source: Flickr/Wakx

16. Here is a sunset seen from over Kansas river.

Source: Flickr/shannonmerritt

17. Farmlands, somewhere in Cairns, Australia.

Source: Flickr/DenlseChan

18. A scenic view of a quaint French village. 

Source: Flickr/RobertSaucler

19. Morning in Manila, Philippines.

Source: Google+/TomAnderson

20. Mount Taranaki in New Zealand.

Source: Flickr/JonSullivan

21. And this is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Source: Blogspot

22. Warsaw, the Polish capital, wrapped in fog. 

Source: Flickr/Chris

23. The Prambanan Temple in Indonesia looks magical from a height.

Source: Flickr/killertunip

24. Here's a bird's eye view of London.

Source: 500px/EikeLoge

25. And here's one of Manhattan, New York.

Source: 500px/KonstantineKlimentyev

26. This is North Cascades National Park in Washington.

Source: Flickr/TvonMaurice

27. Is there anything that looks as gorgeous as Los Angeles at night?

Source: Flickr/fksr

28. When people who are flying over Greenland look below, this is what they see.

Source: Quora/Elisabeth Breckley

29. The Maldives capital Male, surrounded by the sea on all sides, is a soothing sight from a plane window. 

Source: Quora/PratikGoyal

Next time you get a window seat on a plane, make sure you keep looking out.