Shah Rukh Khan might be the second richest entertainer in the world, but not all the Bollywood actors' accounts are flooding with cash. Yes, you read that right, for while most of you think that our desi celebs are busy minting money, nothing could've been further from the truth.

Well, we knew you wouldn't believe us hence we collected some pictorial evidence for you people. Check 'em out.

1. Doesn't matter how cold it is, paise ek hi sweater ke hain.

2. They buy undergarments in packs of 3 because sasta padta hai.

3. There's no money to buy food. So sharing is caring.

4. Forget shared cabs. Most of them cycle to work.

5. Sometimes, they have to share their wardrobe with the actresses.


6. Some of them have to do multiple jobs to sustain themselves.

7. Some of them can't even afford a hair stylist.

8. Some of them can't even afford dumbbells to exercise.

9. There are some who don't even have money to buy a drink for themselves.

10. Some of them only have money to buy either a tie or a shirt. Because priorities.

Paisa toh haath ka mail hai. Asli daulat toh dosti hoti hai.