Isn't it fascinating to see two people having identical features, wearing a similar set of clothes and sometimes even mimicking each other's antics? Well, now imagine if there were a hundred of these put together in one place! Yes. That actually happens. World's largest twin festival called Twinsburg festival in Ohio is an annual gathering celebrating twins.

Source: Bishop Donald Hayes's Photos

These pictures from the festival will make you feel dizzy. 

Source: Tom Kublik

The festival kicked off in 1976 and is organised on the first weekend in August ever since. 

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This year, it will step into its 41st year. 

Source: Bishop Donald Hayes's Photos

Yes. The exact same face! 

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Can you tell they're not one person!?

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Can't not look twice

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Pretty twins in pretty pink!

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My eyes!

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Here, check out this video capturing the fun festival:

Fascinating, ain't it?