It's almost as if the British television celebrity doesn't learn. Piers Morgan has taken plenty of Twitter pangas with Indian sports in the past, but they seem to have taught him nothing.

Yesterday, he went on to diss Kabaddi as a sport in one of his tweets. And what followed was, as you may already have guessed, a pretty pissed off Indian Twitter rant.

Source: Mr. Conservative

In a cheeky tweet referencing Morgan's previous fixation with correct grammar (on Twitter, phshh!), Virender Sehwag lauded India for inventing Kabaddi and massively rocking at it too.

And Morgan decided to tweet in response saying that Kabaddi wasn't even a real sport. Bold move, to say the very least.

That's when Indian-Twitter got up and went all, 'Whoa whoa, whoa. The fuck you just say, foo?'

It's as if the guy actually loves being trolled by the Indians of Twitter!