In the aftermath of the tensions between India and Pakistan post Uri attack, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has started war exercises across all its 18 airbases and other installations from Srinagar to Bikaner. 

Named as `Exercise Talon', the four-day war games (war game is a military exercise carried out to test or improve tactical expertise) have been aimed to 'improve operational preparedness and air defence' in the entire stretch from J&K to Rajasthan, defence sources said on Monday, reports The Times of India.

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The important Western Air Command (WAC), which has been on a high alert, is taking part in the war games. The exercises are defensive and have combat air patrols and PAD-GD (passive air defence and ground defence) operations.

The move comes after India recently signed a Rs 59,000 crore deal with France for Dassault fighter jets equipped with latest missiles and weapon system besides multiple India-specific modifications. It has been aimed to give the IAF cutting edge capability over arch rival Pakistan's F-16 jets.

(Feature image source: PTI)