What is the similarity between Salman Khan and Ben Affleck? They've both played double roles in movies - Judwaa and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back respectively. 

The one thing that differentiates real life from movies is the fact that some things are physically impossible in the real world. Like one person existing in two places at the same time. You know, the go-to way for people to figure out whether a normal person is a superhero in disguise. 

But Bollywood disagrees with this. After giving us gems like Mastizaade last year, they decided to fuck with our heads in an award show. And guess what, Pritam made a double appearance. He was applauding and was receiving the award at the same time. 

Stand-up comic, Sahil Shah, uploaded a video on his Facebook page and pointed this out.


If a popular meme is to be believed, 'yeh bik gyi hai gormint'. We aren't certain about many things but if there's one thing that we can be sure of, then it has to be the fact that award shows are just like the gormint when it comes to being sell-outs.

But bhai yeh thoda zyaada nahi ho gaya? Pritam is so amazing that he copies himself also.