What's better than any news about 2016 Winner Priyanka Chopra? Any news that combines her and our favourite pop songs. Do you remember the remix of Chhod Do Aanchal by Bombay Vikings? Do you remember Priyanka Chopra playing a man in it? No?

Well, here you go. Priyanka is in the black and white portion of the song's video.

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Here she is, again, in the suit, completely unrecognizable but still slaying.

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By the time this video came out in 2004, Priyanka had already made her Bollywood debut with Andaaz. She was already a Miss World and on her way to starring in one of her biggest earlier successes, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. But she wasn't the global phenomenon she is today.

We love this song, and we love Priyanka Chopra, so our day is made. Enjoy the full song and try to spot her!

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