Priyanka Chopra is raising the bar when it comes to celebrity stardom. The Desi Girl was already an established name in India when she decided to pick Hollywood projects and unlike others before her, she's juggling both her Hollywood and Bollywood commitments with quite an ease.

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Her busy work schedule keeps her away from India for long periods and so the actress has found a place she calls home in New York. In a recent interview with Film Companion, Priyanka gave a tour of her house in New York and needless to say, the place looks beautiful.

The living room is super cozy.

She has a corner for her family photos.

There's also a 'confused room' which she has converted into a room for her fittings.

There's also a gym, private theatre and even a guitar corner in the house though she confesses, she doesn't know how to play the instrument yet.

Watch the actress giving a tour of her house here:

Source: Film Companion

A star lives like a star, even in New York.