After our desi girl, PeeCee found her fitness guru doppelganger, we found a doppelganger for King Khan. Yes, our very own Shah Rukh Khan has a doppelganger and it's mind-boggling to even look at him! One look at the guy and you'll probably take a minute or two to recover from your amazement. What in the world is going on here?

Without further ado, go ahead and decide for yourself? 

Do I even need to say anything? Perfect Don form!

Fan 2 directors should definitely consider him. Why put SRK through that heavy make up stuff, right? Take him.

Well, Ssumier S. Pasricha, the doppelganger, is a television actor. Didn't SRK start with TV too?


He used to play a major character in the serial Sasural Simar Ka and recently quit the show.

Apart from being an ace actor, Ssumier is a photographer too.

Photographer or not, he looks so much like SRK it's not even funny! 

This look definitely proves that Shahrukh will look uber cool with these glasses on. We recommend. 

Shah Rukh, are you sure you don't have a twin brother you've been hiding from the world? 

How is it humanly possible to look so much like another person? We get doppelganger and all that, but man, this is bonkers! 

And to top it all, he's as funny as SRK too. Even Rishi Kapoor laughs when he dons his Pammi Aunty avatar

Pammi aunty and Hanuman Mandir..part 39..#pammiaunty #hayorabba #Sarlabhenji #punjabiaunty #saasvsbahu #motherinlaw #monsterinlaw

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Well, all things said and done, give him a movie of his own already!