No matter what you do, no matter where you go, for your father, you'll always be his child. He'll always be there to protect you, shield you from every problem in life. He'll also urge you to go ahead and follow your heart and just in case you fail, he'll be there to guide you too. A friend, mentor, teacher and motivator, a father plays many roles in his child's life. But how often do we get to express our love for the man who's responsible for who we are in life? 

Priyanka Chopra's love for her late-father is known to everyone. She's always credited him for everything she's achieved in life and the tattoo on her arm proudly proclaims that she's 'daddy's little girl'!

Source: Golfian

And now that she's turned producer, she's making sure to pay a tribute to her father. In her latest Marathi production, Ventilator, Priyanka has sung the female version for the song, Baba

Even if you don't understand the words because the song is entirely in Marathi, you'll surely feel the emotion behind the words. Add to that Priyanka's beautiful voice that clearly reflects her love for her father. 

You won't be able to hold back your tears, for sure. 

Watch the song here:

This one is for all the amazing fathers out there!