Time is so damn precious. It might go on forever, but for each of us, there’s only a limited reserve. It’s the most casually spoken word, thrown around at every occasion. The real value of it, however, is rarely understood and appreciated in entirety. We might be specks of eternity but that doesn’t take away the urgency of time. We waste precious minutes on mindless banter, months on moving on from a lover and years in realising our true calling.

We fail to fathom the significance of ‘now’. We take it for granted; we let moments slip from the palms our hands like sand. Well, time is now. It’s the ticking minutes on the clock. It’s your mother waiting at home. It’s that meeting on the verge of commencement. It’s every thought you have. It’s every idea you muster. Now is this very moment, you reading this. So why do we still leave things to tomorrow? Why do we stay trapped in the past? Stagnancy is the devil.

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Time moves in only one direction. It can go forward, never backward. So spend time on new possibilities rather than pondering over what’s lost. Every ‘now’ is a brick in the building structure of your life. One day, it’ll be complete. Till then, why don’t we focus our energy on utilising our present rather than postponing or ignoring it? From birth to death, ‘now’ is the only constant, the one entity that counts.

But we kill it anyway. We believe that we have a lot more of where that came from but that’s just an assumption. The only uncontested fact is that what we do with our time is up to us. As they say, only time will tell. I say, why not make the most of it while we’ve got it? We've got too much to lose otherwise. Everything is measured in time; let your sum total be a good one.

Here are some words of wisdom about time. Let your imagination explode now.

On this enlightening note, I'd like to say just one thing... Thank you for your valuable time!

Design credits: Lakshya Vij