A shoe was hurled at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi during a roadshow in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh on Monday.

Watch the video below. The exact moment of the shoe-throwing occurs around 0:03 seconds after which the Congress Vice-President along with his party members look behind trying to figure out what just happened. 

Soon after this incident, Rahul in his speech blamed the RSS and BJP for the attack and said that while they spread hatred, Congress and himself operate with love.

Anoop Mishra, the shoe thrower, has been arrested. He claims to be a journalist. "The Congress has left the country in the dumps in the past 60 years. I have been a journalist for two years and I know...What were they doing when they were in power?" he said while being taken away in the police van, reports NDTV.

Rahul is undertaking a month-long 'kisan yatra' in the state ahead of crucial polls slated early next year.

During the yatra, he will traverse across 233 of the 403 assembly constituencies through 39 districts of the state covering 2,500 km to reach out to people. 

Rahul will also have 'khaat sabhas' in 21 districts where he will touch upon farmers’ plight, unemployment, rising prices and the importance of communal harmony for social and economic development. 

Further details awaited.