Every Indian man has at least one, if not more, suits in his wardrobe. Nicely dry-cleaned, neatly hung and properly matched with accessories from top to bottom, chances are that it's probably Raymond. 

The fact that Raymond holds more than 60% of the market share in India is supported by it's brilliant advertising. It's tagline, "The complete man," has been defining Raymond since the '70s and '80s. Sometimes a caring father, at other times a doting husband or a sincere friend, The Raymond man is a metrosexual, caring, family man looking dapper in a crisply ironed suit who just gets us. 

Here are some Raymond ads that redefined advertising in our country 

1. The way the husband flirts with the wife, making the marriage exciting, strikes a chord with every married couple. 

2. He willingly shares responsibilities and considers marriage to be a partnership, not a duty. This man touches the heart of every set of new parents. 

3. He loves his mother, and needs her every step of the way. He wants to share his every success with his mom. 

4. Even adorably cute little puppies can't resist the charm of a Raymond man. And when he let's them climb all over him, and smothers them with love, you can't help but sigh. 

5. The love song, the surprise on her face, and the sweetest proposal ever will bring out all the feels with this ad!

6. All she expects from her future partner is support and love, and his one small gesture gives her a glimpse into a beautiful future. How could she say no?

7. This ad in which a father bids goodbye to his daughter her own now is particularly heartwarming! 

8. He understands the pain of being away from your your loved ones. He knows he can't change the situation, so he finds a solution to ease the pain a little. 

9. In the times when we are busy with out work, and can't seem to find time to spend with each other, he knows exactly how to cheer her up. Also, her smile is worth missing the office party. 

10. A suit may not be a requisite for getting a job, but it ensures that you are fit for the position you are hired for. That's the lesson a father teaches his son, in the most endearing manner possible. 

Truly, a complete man.