As single, independent girls, our struggles vary from something as basic as cooking to as complicated as doing our taxes. Even if we have that sorted, the constant questioning by society and parents about marriage and getting a life partner doesn't stop until you get one. Among these bigger problems, there lie tiny everyday problems that we get used to but are as annoying nonetheless. 

So we have taken it upon ourselves to bring 15 such instances to light that will make you go - #StoryOfMyLife. 

1. When there is a mountain of clothes on your bed, but you have your priorities sorted in life.

2. When you're practically a bear, but ain't nobody got time for waxing.

3. When you're the only single girl at a party.

4. When you're still pretty damn young but little kids act like douchebags around you.

 5. When you don't want to give up on cooking but life has different plans for you.

6. When you move into your own apartment because you want to be independent, but independence doesn't lift heavy boxes.

7. When your gaadi, bangla, and naukri ka scene is sorted but you're still not perceived as whole.

8. Warning: Keeping wine bottles at home isn't a good idea if you live alone. Especially if you have recently broken up.

9. When your parents try to get you married at every chance they get.

10. When you swipe right on your bath tub after swiping left for 2 hours straight.

11. When anxiety sets in at the slightest trigger.

12. When you love gossip and you cannot even lie. 

13. When you literally just want someone to apply lotion on your back. (Can we pay someone to do that? Just a thought!)

14. When you think you have your life sorted but not quite.

15. When you know exactly how to spend your Sunday.

We might be a little crooked and imperfect but we are real and that is exactly what makes us so special and cool. 

Illustrations by: Aroop Mishra