Pollution is not a new thing, we all grew up writing about it in the science exam for all the 5 marks questions. The overall change in climate has been a gradual phenomenon ("Dude last winter was so much colder!), but over the last week the change is evident, to put it mildly. I mean, we're number 1 people! Of course, this is due to extreme circumstances.

The whole capital has been engulfed in a deadly smog, with many of its residents falling prey to serious respiratory issues to the residents. The smog has has hit life hard, and changed the way we live, albiet temporarily (we hope). But can you imagine what else it might've changed? Like our movies.

So, here are some movie posters imagined to be set in our polluted Delhi.

We hope apart from laughing at them you also are doing your best to save the city.

Design Credits: Suvojyoti Roy