It's tough being in a relationship. And that's what makes it exciting. How long do you expect to sail through life on 'easy' mode? Having said that, let me also add that being at the receiving end of your partner's wrath is no fun either. Which is why, here are a few relationship hacks you can maybe use to bail yourself out the next time you find yourself in the deep end. (no, that doesn't mean butt sex)

1. Befriend their hair-dresser. Have them give you a call the next time your partner leaves the salon.

That way, you can pretend that you totally noticed her new hair style, no matter how aloof you actually are.

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2. Keep extra snacks and chocolates hidden all around the house. 

The next time you guys argue over something, you can always pop one out and offer a truce. Easy Peasy.

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3. Spooning is awesome. But not when it's too hot. Learn the faux spoon.

What they don't know won't hurt them.

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4. If your partner's talking about something and you don't pay attention

Instead of a lame "come again" (that they can probably see through) give them a strong and convincing "OMG, what?!!" Your partner will repeat what they said, this time more enthusiastically.

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5. If they need you to pick up something regularly from the store, say sanitary pads or condoms, always get extra and hide them in your car or garage.

The next time they ask you to get them, you can just go out, chill and return like a hero.

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6. Always say 'yes' to a 'couple selfie', no matter what you really think about it.

And not just a meek "yeah, okay," but with an eager "yeahhhh, awesome!"

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7. If you want to really make a point some time, address them by their real name and not "babe", "honey", "boo".

It'll catch them off-guard. #JediMindTrick

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8. Any time your partner says something nice about something they see in a shop, make a note of it. And as their birthday approaches

You'll have a decent list to chose from instead of panicking at the last minute. Also, you'll score "Aww, you remembered!" type brownie points.

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9. Stock your fridge with food that you both enjoy. 

If you only have things you like in there, soon, your partner might stop coming over. And you'll be the dick.

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10. "Is there anything I can do?" are the magic words

Even if you are the most imbecile, lazy bum on the planet. It'll make you look good.

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11. When you don't know why your partner is mad at you, just do the dishes

It always works.

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12. If you're walking towards the kitchen or the fridge, or even in that general direction, always ask if your partner needs something

Be the hero they need.

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13. Unless your partner has intimacy issues, always give voluntary back rubs.

Soon, you'll start getting them too. Funny how that works, eh?

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14. Always invest in gift cards.

It works wonders even if you don't know their size or their taste.

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15. If you can't do anything else, cook breakfast.

Help them start their day better. It's the least you can do.

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May the force be with you!