Using satire to bring attention to the problems of the comman man, Jaspal Bhatti created a new genre of comedy in India. His satirical take on everyday problems was hilarious! He captured the Indian television screen in the late 1980s and early 1990s with his comedy shows and his most popular show, Flop Show, though had only 10 episodes, was adored by the masses. The problems he dealt with in each episode are relevant to this day. His approach of adding humor to serious issues has stayed with the audience and has definitely inspired a generation of comedians.

Jaspal Bhatti passed away in 2012 but his sense of humor and satire continue to live on.  

Here's remembering some of his wittiest lines from his hit show, Flop Show:

Mr. Bhatti, you are missed!

These awesome designs were created by Palki Sharma