With the post-Diwali smog choking people, Delhiites are back in the same place, as every other year. Bursting crackers is somehow synonymous with Diwali but not only are these crackers noisy, the pollution they create leaves an impact that can be felt many days later too.

Richa Chadha, just like any other aware citizen, doesn't support bursting crackers because of the health hazards they create for everyone.

She tweeted about the same and called bursting crackers nothing less than a death wish.

She followed it up with another logical argument.

Though her statement was on point, unfortunately, there were people on Twitter who had to pick on this statement for no reason and their argument was, let's just say, sad.

Richa, however, gave it back to this guy:

Somebody even suggested using a bullock cart to travel!

Richa makes sense when she says that everybody has to suffer the consequences of the air pollution that is caused.

High time everyone started thinking about it!