As much as we love the internet, reading a newspaper in the morning is a ritual that's followed ardently by most of us. A glance at the morning headlines somehow makes us believe that we have started our day right!

But don't you just hate it when the first page is dedicated to a full size ad? Or worse, when the first page is a half page ad that looks like this.

I mean how are we supposed to hold the newspaper up and read it. This thing just keeps falling off! 

Rishi Kapoor, the man who loves sharing his opinions on Twitter, tweeted what's the probably the biggest issue for all the newspaper readers in the country. 

Thank you for saying it Mr. Kapoor. I wonder if the guys who publish these half page newspaper ads ever thought about it practically. 

You can't hold the damn thing! 

But trust Mr. Kapoor to find a way to protest and he has found it. Shortly after posting this tweet, he tweeted this.

While we're not fully convinced about his solution, it's a tempting thought nevertheless. 

Or better still, if the publishers could just do away with those annoying half page ads. That'll certainly make our mornings better!