Rishi Kapoor is famously blunt on Twitter whenever he's sharing his opinion on anything. From his take on Zara's sale collection to his disappointment with the half sized front page of the newspaper, Chintuji is always on a roll with his tweets. And his followers are often lapping it up like how! 

However, his latest tweet has managed to infuriate quite a lot of people. Rishi Kapoor put up a meme featuring Hillary Clinton, apparently shared with him by Abhishek Bachchan.

Here's what he Tweeted:

For all of you who can't get the context, he is referring to Monica Lewinsky, the infamous White House intern. She was the one who shared an "inappropriate relationship" with Bill Clinton. 

Given the background and Rishi Kapoor's tweet, the people of the internet went all guns blazing at him. They accused him of misogyny and criticized him for being disrespectful towards Mrs. Clinton.

Here's some of the hate that Rishi Kapoor got:

People blamed him for being egoistic and drunk.

While, some just came straight to the point!

But Rishi Kapoor is not someone who'd stay shut for long. He came back with a response to put a stop to all the trolling. 

He pretty much told all his haters to unfollow him, because for him Twitter is a place to have fun, and what he tweeted was in good humour. 

Before the Hillary Clinton meme, Kapoor had also tweeted a little something on Donald Trump, for which, by the way, he didn't get all this hate. 

This was the subtle dig he took at Trump:

The frustrated man was unable to understand all the anger that his tweet spurred, and went on to defend his case further:

Well, what can we say now? What was plain humour for Rishi Kapoor turned out to be offensive for many of his followers.