Though Bollywood may be infamous for dolling out film-after-film on oft-repeated formats, there's no denying some true-blue gems coming out of the industry. These films, though few and far between, leave a major impact on our hearts and minds, as we continue to cherish them years after they've released. Rock On!! was one such movie that still remains as iconic, even though it's been 8 years since the film's release. 

We still remember the journey of Aditya, Rob, Joe and KD and how the four friends struggled with their band, Magik only to see success, split up and come back together, all over again. It's a film we have all revisited, some time or the other.

And now that Rock On 2 is all set to release - the first poster of the film was released today - it's time for Magik to officially get back on stage. On the 8th anniversary of the movie last month, we took you back to the film's iconic music and lyrics and as the excitement builds up for the sequel with every passing day, it's time to revisit the movie again, this time, through its dialogues. 

Here's taking a look back at some of the dialogues from the film that capture the essence of the story, that of music, friendship and bonds of a lifetime! 

To Magik, today, tomorrow and forever! 

Design credits: Shruti Mathur