Russians' love for Chechen "wolves" and boxing is of common knowledge; but never would one have thought that boxing inside a hospital room could result in the death of a patient. 

This shocking incident took place in the southern city of Belgorod, and was caught on tape. It showed a well-built Russian doctor, delivering one vicious punch to a patient, resulting in instant death, owing to a cracked skull. 

Source: Inquirer

In this video showing the unfortunate turn of events, (which was also shown on national television), the doctor drags the bare-chested patient, asking him, "Why did you touch the nurse?" and pushes him out of the doorway. When the patient returns, the doctor administers a fatal blow to his face, throwing him off balance. 

Source: Bahtiyor Tashpulatov | Masthead source: RT

Investigators have opened a criminal probe in the case and the doctor has been fired.