Phone data space has and may always be an issue with us smartphone generation folk. No amount of space is ever enough for all the selfies we take, for all the 4K (or 8K) videos we shoot and all the endless apps we want at our constant disposal. But Sandisk has, dare I say, come pretty close to satiating this never-ending need for space by bringing us the ultimate SD card.

According to The Verge, Sandisk's latest launch unveiled a prototype for the world's biggest SD card - 1 terabyte big - the SDXC and it's outrageous capacity is blowing our minds.

Source: The Verge

While the SDXC is just a prototype and release and pricing details have not been revealed yet, it's creation itself goes to show how far the world of data storage has come.

No one in their right mind would expect it to be cheap. Plus, with great storage comes the greater risk of slower operation and the even greater risk of losing all that data in one go. But for now, we're pretty psyched about having arrived at this terabyte-sized milestone.

Source: Reaction Gifs

Sandisk sure have come a long way from the 64MB card they launched 16 years ago! Take a selfie to celebrate, people. In fact, take 50... 'cause god knows we'll soon have enough space for it all!