Satyajit Ray's iconic film Pather Panchali completed 60 years in 2015 and there's now further reason for cheer for fans of the film. The storyboard of the film, made by  the legendary film maker, will soon be published as a book. 

The book will include reviews and interesting pieces on the film. 

"Yes, Baba's first draft of the Pather Panchali storyboard will soon be published as a book. It's this script that Baba took from one producer to another to raise funds for his film. But though he knocked on several doors, no one took interest in producing the film. The book will also have some great reviews about the film," film maker Sandip Ray, son of Satyajit Ray told The Times Of India

It took nearly four years for Ray to make Pather Panchali.  

Ray reportedly carried a small notebook, filled with sketches, dialogue and the treatment. This script along with another sketchbook that illustrated the key dramatic moments of the film were greeted with curiosity by producers. While many of them were impressed, none came forward to produce the film Ray wrote in his book Our Films Their Films.

Here are some of the sketches by Ray:

Source: b'A page from the script of Pather Panchali\xc2\xa0'
Source: b'Sketches of the ordinary family choirs the characters were involved in, in the film'
Source: b'Sequence of the sketch when Durga & Apu arrived in a field of Kaash flowers'
Source: b'\xc2\xa0Characters Durga and Apu discover a train \xc2\xa0'