In the lead up to Rio Olympics, which begin on 5 August, 2016, we will be recounting some of the greatest moments in the history of the games, celebrating legends, revisiting controversies, iconic moments and inspiring stories from yesteryear. We will be profiling Indian medal winners and of course, look forward to the biggest sporting event of the year.

50 days, 50 videos, 50 memorable stories!

45 days to go: The Most 'WOW' Moments In The History Of Olympics

The Olympic games is perhaps the greatest stage the world of sports has to offer. On that stage, the athletes are the actors. The protagonists of some of the most riveting tales ever told in sports. A stage where they make statements that elevate them to a status higher than just athletes competing to win medals.

The games have seen some iconic moments over the years. From Jesse Owens laughing at the face of Adolf Hitler's Aryan Supremacy belief to Michael Phelps yelling in joy at winning his 8th Gold Medal in a single Olympics.

Moments that would be etched in memory forever!

Obviously, it is nearly impossible to pick a list of moments spread over a century and agree upon it. But we have picked our best. Take a look and let us know if you agree with our choices. Or if you don't, let us know what we missed in the comments section below.

But all the same, prepare for some goosebumps!