The internet never disappoints. Especially when it comes to starting weird trends. Selfies have been around for a while now. It seems like an epidemic that'll never cease to exist. Wherever you go, you'll bump into people pointing a camera at themselves, adjusting an angle, trying different expressions for that picture perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

While this holds true for humans in general, there are some who always take things up a notch. Like this guy.

While we all know the real king of self-fives is the great - Wait for it - Barney Stinson.

Source: wafflegif

But Seth Schneider discovered a new way of making the world go crazy - A self-five or self-high-five selfie. All you need is a mirror, a phone and decent physical reflexes. Once the world took notice of this feat, social media was filled with attempts of clicking the perfect self-five selfie.

Some were pretty unique.

And not so far..

Hopefully, he caught the phone.

But this guy clearly planned it well.

It became such a rage that our man had to put a disclaimer on his Twitter handle.

You're going to try this right after reading this article, aren't you?