We all have days that are downright horrible. Days when you feel so low that you start questioning your very existence and the existence of everything else in the world, and you feel absolutely worthless.

But this is the time when we need some self-love. Someone to remind us that no matter how bad some days might be, as long as you love yourself, everything's going to be alright. And that's exactly what this woman did. 

Naomi Barton, a woman from Delhi, posted one tweet and asked people to share something they love about themselves. She reminded us that we all need some self-love from time to time.

Source: Twitter

Here's what she tweeted:

With that one tweet, she motivated and inspired people to speak about themselves. Here are the responses she received:

Haven't you heard? Some self-lovin' ain't gonna hurt anyone! Kudos to Naomi for this little reminder.