According to JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav, the "honour of vote is more important than that of a daughter."

Yadav while speaking at an event in Patna said that people need to be educated about the ballot paper as the tintegrity of vote is bigger than that of your daughter's honour.

He added that if a daughter's honour is compromised, the village or the family loses its honour but if a vote is sold, entire nation loses its honour.

On Wednesday, while defending his remarks, Yadav said that what he meant was that there should be a similar feeling towards casting a vote and that of protecting one's own daughter. 

Such sexist remarks from Yadav are not new. Back in 2015, during a Rajya Sabha session Yadav while talking about the obsession with fair skin went on to demean South Indian women by calling them "saanvli" (dusky).

(Feature image source: PTI)