We Indians are awesome! Come what may, we always find a business opportunity, even in adverse situations. 

After demonetisation, there has been a crazy scramble for cash, with people spending long hours in queues to exchange old notes for new ones. So a startup has come up with an ingenious way to cash in on this chaos. 

Called Bookmychotu, it is offering you helpers or rather Chotus who will stand in long queues outside ATM/banks. This is not a prank, but a real deal!

The services are available in the Delhi-NCR region and the hired help is available for Rs. 90 per hour. You just need to log in here, enter your details and then sit back and relax, as the website states.

So, now if you are fed up of this waiting-in-line nonsense, a helper will do that for you while you can chill out somewhere nearby and save time. And when your turn comes, you can just swoop in and do the needful.

Given the days of demonetisation, this is a clever business model and it was only a matter of time before someone spotted an opportunity and did this. 

But the only not-so-cool thing about this startup is its name, which is offensive to say the least. 

The site clearly says that all the Chotus are above the age of 18, but nevertheless it clearly reinforces the habit of branding domestic helps as "chotus". High time, we stop that!