The Sikhs are a generous community. Time and again, they have proved that when it comes to helping the needy, they are the first ones to step up. Once again, it's the people from the Sikh community who are providing some much needed relief to the tired citizens queuing up outside banks after the demonetization chaos.

The government's recent step to curb black money has led to a currency crunch and there's no end to the long queues outside banks and ATMs. We've all been reading about people fainting and collapsing after standing in the sun for hours altogether. In this difficult situation, it's our Sikh brothers who are stepping up for some much-needed relief. 

This video of people from the Sikh community captures them distributing chai and biscuits to people standing in a queue outside a bank:  

Even though we've not been able to verify the location where the video was shot, it is indeed an applause-worthy effort. 

So much respect for these noble souls!