If you're up to date with the latest season of Game of Thrones, you'd know how in episode 5, Petyr Baelish was sent away by Sansa Stark, after she described to him how Ramsay Bolton had abused her, both physically and mentally. Her anger towards Baelish seemed totally justified as he's the one who led her to the Boltons. And like most viewers, we thought the Stark girl was done with Littlefinger.

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In the 7th episode of the current season, there's a scene where you can see Sansa writing a letter to someone, but the video isn't clear enough for us to know what she's written or who it's meant for.

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But then there was another shot of the letter.

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If you vertically flip it, this is what it shows - 

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Zoomed in

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And then enhance!

An Imgur user, with some help from fellow Redditors, used this method to decipher Sansa's letter. And this is what it says - 

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And we all know who really commands the Knights of the Vale. Petyr Baelish!

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Will Baelish actually redeem himself in the eyes of Sansa? Or does he have some other plans up his sleeve? We know he has betrayed a Stark before.

You can see the Imgur post here.