Veteran actor Nasureeddin Shah's "mediocre remark" on late actor Rajesh Khanna invited massive criticism from all around, with Twinkle Khanna lashing out at the actor on Twitter.

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Days after the controversy, Twinkle's husband and Rajesh Khanna's son-in-law, actor Akshay Kumar has reacted to the statement at a recent press conference to promote his film, 'Rustom'

“I am in this industry for last 25 years, just tell me if I have ever spoken anything about other actor. Some wise person has said that mind your own business and I feel I should do my own work… who am I to comment on anyone.”

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He also reiterated that everyone is free to have a different view. 

“Everybody has their own way of talking and everyone can speak their voice out. Now it’s a closed matter. Nasser Saab has gracefully apologized and I would appreciate if we all forget about this,”