From bashing Salman Khan for his controversial rape comment to hitting back at vulgar threats and trolls with equal force when she faced backlash for the same, Sona Mohapatra is one fierce woman when it comes to voicing her opinion.  

Singer Sona Mohapatra recently shared her feelings about the degrading quality of music while referring to the reinvention of old hits into rap songs and the condition of singers, composers and lyricists in our country. She even reacted to the Bollywood actors who will be joining the Coldplay 'madness' in November. 

"Latest khabar is that some soppy western band is gracing our shores for the 'cause' of 'poverty' & lo behold, a Bolly brigade has been announced alongside. Some film around the corner to 'promote'?
Source: Sona Mohapatra

The singer took her concern to Facebook and penned down her thoughts in an enlightening post. Here's what she had to say:

Composers & some who can't be called that, & then of course 'actors', 'DJ's' & going by the last 10 days in Mumbai, even the milkman in the basti next door, everyone is with a microphone on a poster or some kind of stage. Being a 'singer' nay 'rockstar' trendy hai!

Direct and unapologetic, she surely knows how to handle the situation. Here are some fitting replies from the comment section of the same post:

Source: Sona Mohapatra | Facebook
Source: Sona Mohapatra | Facebook

Sona Mohapatra indeed has one of the most amazing voices in the country's music scene. However, her hard-hitting words on ongoing social trends are quite a revelation and are worth a read. More power to you, Sona!