While some of us are still trying to wrap our heads around the new Rs 2000 note, some smart people on the internet have started a new rumour. 

If the rumour is to be believed,  in a world full of currency notes, our new advanced, feature-packed Rs 2000 note has managed outshine them all. That's why, UNESCO, which apparently declares all things Indian the best in the world, has trumpeted that ours is the best currency in the world. 

And for some reason, people keep falling for obviously fake forwards on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter without verifying the news. The post below has been circulating on social media ever since that pink note came into existence. 

Maybe you will find one floating in the sea of those irritating WhatsApp forwards you receive everyday in the morning.

This is not the first time that such a hoax has fooled Indians. Almost all of you might have received an email/message related to UNESCO declaration in the past as well.

Remember when Jana Gana Mana was declared best anthem by UNESCO. This message was spread through e-mail in 2008 and everyone was celebrating the fact that the Indian national anthem had been declared as the best anthem in the world by UNESCO. But the truth is that no such thing happened and UNESCO confirmed that the reports were false.

Another popular forward claimed that the UNESCO declared PM Modi as ‘the best PM of the world’. And it wasn’t just regular people who fell for it, even celebrities appeared to buy into the rumour.

Maybe, UNESCO will now declare Sonam Gupta as the best bewafa in the world, who knows! God bless us Indians!