Her tattoos, her beautiful kohl eyes, her perfectly sculptured beehive hair; Amy Winehouse was this, and so much more. She was the artist who brought Jazz back to life with her rugged voice; one that touched us deep within and had you us sinking in her soulful melody.

She never held back, not when she sang or wrote lyrics, and never when she loved. At a young age , she released her first album and got a Brit award for Best Female Solo Artist in 2004. With a Brit and 5 Grammys in her kitty, everyone was positive that this girl was here to stay. But alas, life had other plans. Her deep reliance and addiction to drugs and alcohol and her disturbed relationship with her husband were the breaking news on every tabloid. And even before we knew it, she joined the 27 club, when she passed away owing to alcohol poisoning in 2011.

But her music still remains. Here are some remnants of her soul that are still alive, thanks to her songs:

Amy, thank you for your beautiful voice and lyrics. Wherever you are, we remember you. 

Design Credits: Utkarsh Tyagi