It is surprising how, even in 2017, a lot of unreasonable actions, statements, and decisions, have one, weak explanation: "Because you're a woman." That one phrase has become somewhat of an inadvertent filler, a justification that's been used time and again to hold women back. Not allowed to go out at night? Because you're a girl. Not getting the same facilities as the guys in college? Because you're girls. Not getting equal pay at work? Better get used to it, with you being a woman and all.

With the bold and outspoken Kalki Koechlin as the face of their new campaign, Benetton's cry is, "Enough." In their powerful video with numerous everyday women as the stars, Benetton celebrates women's equality in India by clarifying a simple thing: women don't want it all; they want their half, not just at work or home, but in every aspect of their life, such as healthcare, education, and so on.

The #UnitedByHalf campaign, thus, asserts the position of women as equal halves. Calling out to all sections of society, the movement encourages people to fight for women's rights everywhere. Watch its powerful video below, and click here to take the pledge and join the movement.