Almost all of us have been tricked with tongue-twisters by fellow classmates and friends during our childhood. Remember the tongue-twister, She sells seashells by the seashore? Turns out that this was just any other tongue-twister. There's a legit story behind it.

The story dated way back in the 19th century of Mary Anning, a woman who sold sea shells by the shore! And you thought it was just another made-up tongue twister.

Source: Wikpedia

Mary Anning was the eldest daughter of a cabinet maker who used to sell fossils to tourists on the seashore for a living.

Source: Themes

Anning too joined the occupation by running a fossil stand on Dorset Beach in England. Not only this, with the occupation of digging fossils, she also made important contributions to Science by discovering fossils of a 200-year-old marine reptile.

Source: Wordpress

So, Mary Anning did sell invertebrate fossils and belemnite shells, after all, and making a contribution to Science while she did that.

Source: Natalie Coomba

There's so much to the things we've been saying and doing and we don't even have a clue.

Come on now repeat after me. She sells seashells by the seashore!