We all have that one person in our lives who's got a whole lot of emotions inside them and they're always a ticking time bomb. You never know what will set them off.

Source: ScoopWhoop

You'll most likely find them crying during movies (they're also supposed to be psychologically stronger) or demanding answers from the universe when their ice cream scoop falls down. But it also makes for some hilarious differences in the way they react to situations versus how regular people do. Take a look!

When the bouncer asks a group of friends to show him ID:

When someone asks how a movie was:

Surrounded by a litter of puppies:

When a friend is leaving to go home:

When the boyfriend gets food:

At a birthday party of a friend:

When the college canteen runs out of samosas:

When your favourite show stops airing on TV:

When you fail in a subject:

When your favourite shirt is ruined:

When you get your friend a gift:

 When you try your hand at cooking and burn the food:

When your phone falls down and breaks:

Which one are you?

Design Credit: Aroop Mishra