College is the most memorable time in anybody's life. No matter where you reach in life, coming back to one's alma mater is always a special feeling. Currently on an India visit, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had the chance to experience that feeling when he visited his undergraduate college, IIT-Kharagpur earlier today. 

In an event titled, 'A journey back to the past to inspire the future’, hosted by comedians Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath, who himself is an IIT-KGP alumnus, over 3,500 listened to Sundar Pichai talk at the open-air theatre in the institute. 

Speaking to the students, Sundar touched various topics. He did, of course, remember his days when he was there, a regular college student, unhappy with the mess food and looking for reasons to bunk classes. Here are a few top quotes from the man himself. 

But of course, he did not lose sight of his target. He always knew what he wanted to do, and worked tirelessly towards it. 

He also met his wife Anjali, while studying at IIT, and told the students it wasn't easy communicating because there were no cellphones or the internet. 

But of course, when the CEO of the world's biggest technology corporation is on campus, there sure were questions about Google and technology. He talked about how Google comes up with revolutionary products and ideas that create a large impact. 

He said that India is important to Google's core mission and taking internet access to more and more people is high on his priority list. 

He said Google is a big supporter of the Digital India initiative and is looking for ways to contribute to it. 

He also had a few priceless leadership tips to share with the young audience.

Watch the full video here:

Design credits - Aroop Mishra