If you take all your travel goals, mountains-are-calling fantasies, surreal locales, peace of mind, soul-searching and club them all together, you will get a trip to Iceland. You might have to add a little bit of money also, I believe. 

Iceland is, indubitably, the most stunning place on this planet. This Nordic island country is very sparsely populated. Its capital, Reykjavik, is home to almost two third of the country's population. 

Although it might seem like an ordeal, the journey from Delhi to the Arctic Circle isn't quite so. There are flights to and from the capital to Reykjavik. The catch is that the tickets are a bit steeply-priced.  

The mountains roll endlessly there

And sunsets throw some of the richest colours

One thing many might not be aware of is that Iceland is still volcanically active. Plateaus, lava fields, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, glacial rivers mark the surreal landscape of this small country.

Places in Iceland are frozen and not at the same time

Some rare shades of blue are hidden in the corners of this country

The capital city of Reykjavik 

The Icelandic sky speaks a different tongue altogether. Depending on where you are and when you go, expect the sky to be dominated by the outlandish beauty of Aurora Borealis or what is commonly known as Northern Lights. 

The Northern Lights that appear like colour has been sprayed on the sky...

... and you cannot get enough of it

And if you are even half-decent at stargazing, the spotless sky will give you a chance to capture the Milky Way. 

And the Milky Way that seems like a portal to another world

Things get serious when Northern Lights and Milky Way collide

Winter in Iceland sees the landscape transform into a sheet of white, freezing almost everything; go there during winter if you swear by everything cold. Summer brings out some heavenly colours that aren't readily seen in nature. 

Winters here make everything white

But summers turn the landscape into a different world

The waters are so pristine...

... it almost seems unbelievable

Then there is the Blue Lagoon, located on a lava field and is believed to cure skin diseases

The waterfalls here are a force to reckon with, ...

... incessantly roaring...

... and the cities are peaceful

And there is the black beach, popularised recently by Bollywood

Whether you are inflicted by wanderlust or not, Iceland is a place that just must be visited at least once in your lifetime. Because it redefines beauty.