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Sep 02, 2016 at 15:58

Swara Bhaskar Brings To Light How Men & Women View Marriage Differently In This Web Series

by Sampada Sharma

The concept of marriage evokes polarising reactions from both the sexes. While some endorse the sanctity of this union, there are others who believe that, like other relationships, rules can never be defined for this one either. While society clearly dictates the role of men and women in a marriage, we know how reality plays out quite differently.

Voot's new series, It's Not That Simple, explores the role of a woman in a marriage and the complications that arise after a few years of being married. Swara Bhaskar, making her debut in the web series format, questions the standards society sets for married women. The six part series, also starring Akshay Oberoi, Vivan Bhatena and Karanveer Mehra premiers this month, exclusively on Voot. 

Watch the promo here:


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