So, how many dates do you generally have to go on before you get to any kind of a respectable base with the other person? 5? 10? Forever alone? Whatever your answer is, I’m pretty sure the very first date is focused more on getting to know them better and finding common ground in terms of likes and dislikes.

How boring.” - The participants of TLC’s new show, Undressed. Probably.

And the format of the show is as bold as its name, mind you! Two people, matched on account of having some degree of commonalities, are asked to spend 30 whole minutes with each other in a room with a supersized screen in front of them. A series of personal questions and intimate tasks flash on the screen. If they’re comfortable, they go ahead and answer or perform them. But… the catch is, (and this is the part, you’ve been waiting for) the very first task they are asked to perform is... you guessed it - undress each other. Down to their bare essentials. I mean, talk about leaving nothing to the imagination!

At the end of the show, the individuals get to say whether they want to see the other person again or not. Oh, and guess what… if participant A does not want to see participant B again, participant A puts their clothes back on and leaves the room as participant B looks on… unclothed, and rejected on worldwide TV. Ouch!

Toldja, it’s a very bold show!

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s the trailer:

You can watch UNDRESSED on TLC, Monday - Friday at 11 PM or by subscribing to TLC India's YouTube channel.