What would you advise a victim of domestic abuse, who has her face swollen from the beating and has bruises under her eyes? While any sensible person would suggest her to file a police complaint, a Moroccan channel is teaching women to silently cover the marks with makeup and move on with life.

Domestic violence against women is prevalent everywhere in the world. And it is horrifying, both emotionally and physically, to go through such trauma. There are groups engaged in supporting victims of domestic violence and empowering them to stand up to their abusers all around the globe. 

Yet, it's frightening to see that physical abuse against women is treated as a normal part of life in many parts of society. We already have a long battle against victim-blaming, and now we have to deal with desensitization of something as terrorizing as domestic violence. 

And now, a Moroccan TV channel 2M has surpassed the heights of insensitivity by broadcasting a video tutorial teaching domestic violence victims to hide their bruises under makeup.

The channel showed a make-up artist showing how to cover up bruises under make up on a woman with fake marks on her face! 

The video created an outrage among people on social media with everyone calling out the TV channel. The channel later issued an apology twice. 

Here's how the channel taught victims of domestic violence to move on with their lives:

At a time when the movement for women's rights has gained impetus, it is so unfortunate to see people bring it down like this. 

Guess this channel needs a tutorial on common sense.