The HRD ministry has come up with a new initiative to improve the deteriorating condition of government schools and teaching in India.

As a part of this plan, students in government schools will now be asked to evaluate their teachers and rate their classroom experience, reported India Today.

The programme will initially be conducted in select states and students of Class 5 and above will be a part of the exercise. Currently, a team of human resources development ministry officials are working on a model questionnaire which will later be circulated among these states for students’ feedback. 

Source: b'Students of Class 5 and above will be a part of the exercise/Source: Reuters'

The teachers will also be rated on how the students’ perform. If all goes well, this could become a regular affair. 

“The idea is to find out what students think about the way they are being taught. Rather than asking them questions, we are developing a system with a set of questions that will be distributed among students to rate the teachers” an official told Hindustan Times.

After the feedback, the teachers who perform badly will be given training to help them improve. Meanwhile, those who fare well will be rewarded too.

(Feature image source: PTI)